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Hello and welcome to Sir, the site that is all about robust, flavorful beers, and exciting cocktails, both the new and exotic, as well as everybody's favorite classics. This is the place on the web that not only loves these wonderful liquid libations, but also has a sincere interest in the background, history, and process that goes into producing these incredible spirits.

What is a good drink though, if you don't have great people to share them with, and fantastic places to enjoy them at? That's why Sir takes enormous pleasure in exploring the establishments that have made it their business to not only serve up the booze, but also the atmosphere, excitement, and folks to go along with it.

To that end, I'm more than thrilled to announce the new home base of Sir It's right here in the heart of the city that's name is synonymous with fun, partying, and sin. That's right y'all, the fabulous Las Vegas NV, is the new and permanent home of Sir You can continue to count on this website to keep on providing high quality reviews and how to's, but with the added energy and enthusiasm that can only be found in Las Vegas.

So I look forward to seeing you, downtown, or on the strip, at one if the many casinos, bars, or clubs located throughout this fascinating city.

In the meantime, Stay Tipsy, and Bottoms up Y'all.